Oh, hello

Welcome to my website!

I am a digital nomad.

What does this mean, you ask? I travel around the globe working on branding and marketing projects, gathering inspiration from the world. I partner with other freelancers and organizations on most project work, bringing my clients the best resources and ideas to solve their creative challenges.

Why the digital nomad life?

After spending too many winters in too many cold places, I decided to chase the sunshine. I travel while working, gaining inspiration from every place I visit. I spent a month this Spring in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. As an expert connector and an ardent curiosity seeker, I make friends wherever I go and draw connections to new environments.

So, what do I actually do?

I specialize in personal and small business branding, while providing my clients with the tools and relationships they need to grow (and cut ties with those they don’t!). My main focus is to help others succeed and feel accomplished along the way.

Cait can be contacted at: freelancefitz@gmail.com