Day 1: Get a computer.

Am I the only person who has not had a personal computer in many, many years? When I moved to San Francisco in 2014, I recycled my 2009 Apple (in the big Apple, in fact), and headed west. I kept telling myself I’d buy a new laptop…and never did.

I was attached to a computer all week and used my iPhone otherwise. The last thing I ever wanted to do after a long day (or week!) at work was take out my computer. In fact, I hated having to lug my work laptop home with me to do more work.

This was all a long way of saying: I started freelancing without actually owning a computer. Day 1 on the job was to head to the Apple Store in Union Square and make the purchase.

I did a little investigative research in advance (as in: talked to three of four friends) and decided I wanted something light and easy to use. So I bought a Macbook Air. I got a student discount since I will be taking a few classes in the fall. I learned that the student discount price is actually a pretty sweet deal. It is only slightly more expensive than a refurbished machine, but brand new (obviously).

It was really exciting to finally have a choice. It felt so awesome to walk into the store and decide which type of computer I wanted…not what computer was approved by someone else. I was immediately off to the races: the free life.

Published by Cait Fitzpatrick

Cait is a digital nomad (branding and marketing), and can be contacted at Follow her travels and inspiration on Instagram @freelancefitz.

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