It has been a while, but I am back.

I am thankful there is no hour glass counting down my blog progress each week
(though let’s face it…that would be awesome motivation).

For the last year and a half, I have helped clients develop and build their personal brands. This has been accomplished through research, design, development of social media channels, creation and refinement of websites and other creative content. This has been extremely rewarding and inspiring.

I have helped launch an Amazon bestselling book, built a new brand from scratch, and am in the process of solidifying a soon-to-be national brand.

All of these projects have been new creative challenges for me where I’ve drawn upon previous project experience. For example, I recently wrote a comprehensive research report about a target audience, which focused on secondary and primary research. I conducted 9 in-depth interviews of women around the country about a specific topic. What a blast from the (glorious/research) past.

One of my favorite parts has been partnering with other people. I have hired many partners and freelancers along my journey. We learn from each other and teach each other at the same time.

On days when I have had very little motivation or had exciting news to share, it has been great to lean on my virtual colleagues. What I didn’t realize all along is that being a freelancer = picking your colleagues. I get to choose who I work for (and with) on every aspect of every project. It is just the best.

So, I commit to sharing more updates and stories about my journey. I WILL write blog posts more often to dive deeper into some of the learnings and experiences I have on a daily basis. After all, sharing best practices (and worst practices) is one of the best ways to learn!

Published by Cait Fitzpatrick

Cait is a digital nomad (branding and marketing), and can be contacted at Follow her travels and inspiration on Instagram @freelancefitz.

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