My deal

I offer marketing and creative services through my business and partnerships. I am a partner at Bold Woman Brands and ellipsis consulting, where I bring my creative and marketing prowess to individuals and business development experiences to agencies.

  • Marketing services: content strategy, event planning, and project management
  • Creative services: website development, content creation, social media assets and creative ideation
  • Business development services: RFI/RFP development, agency search, workshops and coaching

In a nutshell…

My goal with all client projects is to make things less boring. And, easier and more straightforward. My superpower is my ability to connect people, and to tell (and write) stories. I find the humor in nearly everything and attempt to make every day more enjoyable.

In my spare time, I teach introduction to improv workshops, and take comedy performing and writing classes. For the last fifteen years, I have worked on both the agency and client sides to build and grow brands. I bring a decade of experience to individuals, small and emerging businesses.

I started Freelance Fitz in the summer of 2017. Before running my own business, I worked at a global communications agency for a decade, working with Fortune 500 companies. My agency background “classically trained me” in the ways of communications, marketing and market research.

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